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Under the Car

Site Review & QC Checks

Fees apply - Member discount


This is a DVSA based Site Review that scores your VTS either satisfactory, improvements needed or unsatisfactory. The better you score the fewer visits your VTS will get from the DVSA. The Compliance Audit is a health check of your systems and will highlight areas you need to focus on to improve with help from us if you require it.​ Authorised Examiners must ensure and document that the testers comply with the DVSA requirements for annual training and assessments. Non-compliance will affect your VTS risk score and the testers' ability to continue testing.

We offer Tester Quality Control checks whether you are a small VTS with one tester or a large franchise with numerous testers, we can carry out Quality Control checks on you and your staff.

DVSA Disciplinary

Included in membership

In the unfortunate event that one of your MOT Testers or the Vehicle Testing Station comes under the investigation of the DVSA we can help, for example:

  • Cessation of an AEs MOT authorisation to carry out statutory vehicle testing.

  • Cessation of a testers' MOT approval to test motor vehicles

  • Refusal to grant an application by an AE to change the business entity of their authorisation.

We will also attend MOT appeals with you or on your behalf. We can offer written responses to Contemplated Disciplinary Letters. We will ensure that the process is followed correctly, and we get the best outcome for you.

Day - to - Day MOT Advice

Included in membership

  • Testing advice

  • Setting up a VTS

  • VT01 Application 

  • MOT Training 

  • DVSA Site Review

  • DVSA Enforcement Action 

  • Equipment



To join MOT Assist and take advantage of all the benefits listed, please click the link below to complete your membership application or give our team a call today on 01283 734427

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